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About AVA
Accreditated Ornamental Fish Export Scheme (AOFES)
Accreditation of overseas poultry farms for export to Singapore
Accreditation of Overseas Meat & Processed Egg Establishments
Accredited Pest Control Operators
Agri-Food Business Cluster
Agri-Business Clusters & Directory
Agricultural Pesticides
Agri-food businesses
Agrifood Technologies Pte Ltd
Agrotechnology parks
Animal & Plant Health Centre (APHC) of AVA
Animal Disease Diagnosis
Animal exhibition
Animal Feed ( Import , Export & Transshipment)
Animal Health
Animal Pathogens/Diseases Fact Sheets
Animal Quarantine
Animal welfare and cruelty to animals
Animals (commercial)- import & export
Animals (pets)- import & export
Annual Reports of AVA
Aquaculture R & D
Aquaculture Services Centre (ASC) of AVA



Beef-import & export
Being a Responsible Pet Owner
Berthing Space for vessels at Fishery Ports
Bird Flu
Borrow a cat trap
Breed & grow orchids
Buying a pet



Cancel my dog licence
Care & Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes
Centre for Animal Welfare & Control (CAWC) of AVA
Certificate of Analysis for food
Certificates issued by AVA
Certification of Pesticide Operators
Chinese Medicinal Materials (CMM) Commonly Used in Food
Circulars issued by AVA
CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)
Clearance procedures at port of entry for live animals, veterinary biologics and animal products
Clearance procedures at port of entry for veterinary biologics and pathogens
Coastal fish farm
Cold chain system
Consumer education on food safety
Contact AVA
Corporate Identity of AVA



Deep netcage fish farm
Display & Sale of Dragon Fish
Dog licence
Dragon fish breeding farm



Eggs (fresh)-import & export
Endangered species
Entry Permit to Jurong Fishery Port
Entry Permit to Senoko Fishery Port
Events Calendar
Exhibit animals
Export Health Certification for Meat, Fish & Dairy Products
Export Health Certification for Processed Food



Farm licence (Land-based)
Farm licence (Coastal/Sea)
Farm plans (Redevelopment of farm and for regularisation of farm buildings)
Fertilisers of plant base origin- import
Field trials or laboratory testing for agri-chemical efficacy
Fish Culture Farm
Fish export to EU
Fish farm licence
Fish for farming
Fisherman Card
Fishery Ports
Fish (live)- import, export and transshipment
Fish products- import, export, transshipment
Fishing vessel
Floriculture industry
Food (processed)-import & export
Food Business Cluster
Food Containing Artificial Sweetening Agent
Food export certification
Food factories (food processing establishments)
Food Factory Grading Scheme
Food Facts
Food labelling and advertisements
Food laws
Food Processing Establishments
Food product codes
Food Safety A to Z
Food Safety as a Shared Responsibility
Food Safety Awards and Schemes
Food Safety Partners
Food Safety Public Education
Food Safety hazards
Food Safety Tips
Food Safety Tips By Food Groups
Food sourcing
Food supply
Food Testing & Certification
Food traders (import, export, transhipment)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Fruits- import, export & transhipment



Game meat - import, export and transshipment
Genetically modified organisms and plants- import
Germinate orchid seeds
Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) Certification
Good Manufacturing Practices in food establishments
Grading of food factories
Grow vegetables



HACCP in food establishments
Health certificates for export of ornamental fish/live food fish
Horticulture advisory / consultancy services
Horticulture R & D
Horticulture Services Centre
Horticulture Training Courses
Hygiene and sanitary condition of food establishment



Inboard Fishing Vessel Licence
Information for Existing Pet Owners
Information for Potential Pet Owners
Insects (commercial)- import & export
Inspection and sampling procedures of food products for export to overseas countries
Inspection of food factories (Meat/Fish Processing Establishments, Coldstores & poultry Slaugherhouses)
Integrated Food Safety Programme



Job positions in AVA
Jurong Fishery Port and Services



Laboratory Animals- import
Laboratory testing for plant pests, diseases, fertilisers, soil, pesticides
Laboratory testing for veterinary biologics and animal pathogens
Lamb- import & export & transshipment
Land use for agriculture in Singapore
Leases and tenancies in agrotechnology parks
Letter of approval for display and sale of Dragon fish
Licences issued by AVA



Marine Aquaculture Centre (MAC)
Marine Fisheries Research Department/ SE Asian Fisheries Development Centre
Maximum allowable quantities of food for each traveler
Maximum allowable quantities of ornamental fish (e.g. Dragon fish, corals etc) for each traveler
Maximum allowable quantities of plants and plant products (eg seeds) for each traveler/vehicle from West Malaysia
Meat & Fish Processing Establishments, Coldstores & Poultry Slaughterhouses
Meat-import & export
Meat products - import, export & transshipment
Mutton- import & export



NACLAR Guidelines on Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes
NTS workers for local agrotechnology industry



Orchid and Ornamental plant farming industry
Orchid Business Cluster
Organisation Structure of AVA
Ornamental Fish
Ornamental Fish Business Cluster
Ornamental fish- import & export & transshipment



Permits issued by AVA
Pesticide registration and use for agricultural farming in Singapore
Pesticides in my vegetable
Pet animals- import & export
Pet care
Pet shop licence
Plant certification schemes
Plant Health Services
Plant related microorganisms- import
Plants- import & export
Pork-import & export & transshipment
Port Clearance
Postharvest of Fish
Postharvest of Vegetables
Poultry meat-import, export & transshipment
Poultry slaughter-house
Press Releases
Processed egg products-import
Processed Eggs- import
Processed food-import & export
Product Codes for Tradenet (import/export/transhipment)
Protection of New Plant Varieties
Publications of AVA



Quarantine of imported Pets - commercial
Quarantine of imported Pets - Personal



Registration and Renewal of Fisherman Card (SMF Vessel)
Registration and Renewal of Person employed or engaged in any capacity on a Fish Culture Farm / Kelong
Registration of Agricultural Pesticides
Registration of food importers
Related sites
Renew my dog licence
Renewal of farmland leases and tenancy agreements
Report a lost dog / that I found a dog
Report animal abuse / cruelty
Report straying dogs
Request collection of a captured cat
Requirements for approval of visitors amenities in local farms
Requirements for setting up a farm
Research Activities on Post-Harvest (Fish)
Research Activities on Post-Harvest (Vegetables)



Salmonella Pullorum antigen
Salted/ Preserved Eggs
Salted/preserved eggs-import & export
Seafood-import & export
Seed pod culture service
Sell pets / Open a pet shop
Senoko Fishery Port and Services
Service standards of AVA
Setting up a farm
Singapore Agri-food Business Directory
SMF Vessel
Stray dog and cat management and control
Submission of plans for farm buildings
Submitting specimens for laboratory testing (animals and veterinary biologics)



Taking care of my pet
Test agri-chemical for plant health management/efficacy (field trials)
Testing Of Animal Pathogens & Biologics
Testing Of Food & Food Products
The Food Safety Mascot
The Responsible Pet Ownership Icon
Tissue culture for plants
Trade associations
TradeNet permit application
Transfer ownership of my dog
Type and location of farms in the agrotechnology parks



Upcoming events
UPOV Technical Examination of New Plant Varieties



Vegetable farming industry
Vegetables-import & export
Vessel arrival and port clearance
Veterinary advice on pets
Veterinary Biologics & Pathogens- import & export
Veterinary Career & Education
Veterinarians (Licensing)
Veterinary Centres (Licensing)
Veterinary Public Health Centre
Visitors amenities on farms



Wild animals


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