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Corporate Identity

The swirl is symbolic of AVA's role in the protection of the living environment in Singapore and safeguarding the health of animals, fish and plants. Constantly evolving, the swirl adds a global perspective as AVA diversifies its food sources worldwide, while simultaneously developing Singapore into a regional hub of excellence for agrotechnology and agri-business.

Moving upwards to form a leaf-like symbol, the green-orange-blue graphics provide a natural link to the living environment i.e. plants-animals-fish - main components of AVA's business. In addition, the graphics reflects AVA's innovation, dynamism and professionalism as it integrates nature, health sciences and technology to achieve an excellent standard of health and food safety for Singapore.

The interactive graphics are also representative of the close partnership as AVA works with different audiences, both local and foreign, to promote the agri-biotechnology industry.

Viewed in totality, the logo encapsulates the mission of AVA in ensuring a resilient supply of safe food, safeguarding the health and welfare of animals, safeguarding the health of plants and facilitating agri-trade.
Last updated on 22 January 2014
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