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Agrotechnology Parks

The need to maximise output from Singapore's limited agricultural land led AVA to spearhead a move towards agrotechnology, which is the application of modern technology and life sciences to intensive farming systems. In 1986, AVA embarked on its Agrotechnology Programme which comprises 3 components:
  • The development of Agrotechnology parks in Singapore to house modern intensive farms
  • The development of agrotechnology and agri-biotechnology (the latter defined as the knowledge in agriculture and molecular biology applied to large-scale, intensive farming)
  • The promotion of investments in the agri-industry

AVA's technical and R&D centres, i.e. the Aquaculture Services CentreHorticulture Services Centre and Marine Aquaculture Centre provide technical assistance to the local farming industry to help them improve the quality of their produce and enhance their productivity.

Agrotechnology Parks

Agrotechnology Parks are modern agriculture estates developed with the necessary infrastructure for farming. There are Six Agrotechnology Parks in Singapore. They are located at Lim Chu KangMuraiSungei Tengah, Nee SoonMandai and Loyang.

These parks occupy a total land area of 1,465 ha and nearly 700 ha have been allocated to over 200 farms for the production of livestock, eggs, milk, aquarium and food fish, vegetables, fruits, orchids, ornamental and aquatic plants, as well as for the breeding of birds and dogs. The modern farms in the Agrotechnology Parks develop, adapt and showcase advanced technologies and techniques for intensive farming systems, and for export of high value and quality products and services to other tropical countries in the region

Singapore's geographical location and unique cultural experience makes us the ideal partner for entering the vast Asian market.

The use of land for the various types of farming activities in the agrotechnology park is given in the table below:

Farming activities in Agrotechnology Park September 2010
No of Farms
Total Area (ha)
   Aquarium Fish
   Foodfish & Shrimps
   Orchid / Ornamentals etc

Land for Farming

Singapore Land Authority (SLA) is the national body governing the allocation of land resources in Singapore. You can make all enquiries on the use of State Land to the SLA Enquiry line at tel: (65)-6323 9829 or via fax to (65)-6323 9937 or via email to

When land are made available for farming, the Government as a policy will release these land(s) for sale through public tender and on payment of upfront premium, if allocated on lease.   You could keep a look out for such tenders on SLA's website at   Information on past tenders of Agricultural Sites can be found by clicking on the "Sites Awarded" link on the left column of that page.

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Agri-Bio Park

To develop Singapore as a centre of excellence in tropical agrotechnology services, AVA has developed an agri-biotechnology cluster in the 10-ha Agri-Bio Park (ABP) sited next to the Lim Chu Kang Agrotechnology Park in the northwest of Singapore. Land in lots of one hectare have been allocated on 30-year leases for agri-biotechnology activities, including research and development in fish vaccines, food safety and animal and plant health testing, and post-harvest technology activities. AVA's Veterinary Public Health Centre and Animal & Plant Health Centre, and the Marine Fisheries Research Department of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Centre, hosted by Singapore, are also located within the ABP.

For the map of the Agri-Bio Park, please click here.


If you have further enquiries

Please call the AVA Contact Centre via 6805 2992 or email us.

Alternatively, please visit our Contact Info page.
Last updated on 13 December 2014
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