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Foodfish farming in Singapore

Even with limited available sea space, Singapore has a small but thriving and increasingly important foodfish industry. Singapore's consumption of fish is estimated to be 100,000 tonnes per year of which about 5% is accounted for by local foodfish aquaculture. This is mainly from coastal fish farms. They produce marine foodfish species like groupers, seabass, snappers and milkfish as well as green mussels and crustacean (shrimp/mangrove crabs). There are also freshwater foodfish farms producing snakeheads, tilapia, catfishes and carps and other cyprinids.


Ornamental fish farming in Singapore

Singapore is the top exporter of ornamental fish in the world, and is known not only as the "Ornamental Fish Capital of the World" but also as a "One-Stop Shop" for global ornamental fish business. Exporters deal with 500 species of ornamental fish, buying from the local farms, which accounts for about 40% of the sales, as well as from farms in the region and elsewhere for re-exporting.

For more information on AVA's Ornamental Fish Business Cluster, please click here.


Some aquaculture farms in Singapore

Qian Hu Corporation Limited

Qian Hu is an integrated "one-stop" ornamental fish service provider ranging from breeding of Dragon fish, farming, importing, exporting and distributing of ornamental fish as well as manufacturing of aquarium and pet accessories and distributing them to local and overseas customers. Its ornamental fish farm at Sungei Tengah Agrotechnology Park occupies a land area of 4.2 hectares and is designed "factory-style", comprising 12 main buildings for its trading and farming operations. The farm successfully acquired ISO 9002 certification for its conditioning and packaging operations in December 1996 which is possibly the first ornamental fish farm in the world to receive such an award. The farm was also awarded the ISO 14000 for its environmental management system, and was conferred the prestigious Singapore Quality Award (SQA) in 2004 for business excellence. The farm's modern facilities include a temperature-controlled packing house for packing fish for export, a computerised system for trading records, a laboratory for fish examination and water quality analysis, and various indoor/outdoor culture systems for holding/farming fish under controlled environment.

Swee Chioh Aquaculture Holding Pte Ltd

Swee Chioh Aquaculture has garnered decades of experience in foodfish farming, broodstock management and eggs production to transformed itself into a group of knowledge-driven companies encompassing the following business segments:- (1) Broodstock management; (2) Hatchery & nursery; (3) Extensive cage farming & (4) Research & Development. The group operates its hatchery/nursery operations over 2 different farm locations in Singapore (a 11-hectare farm at Loyang Agrotechnology Park and a 3-hectare farm at Neo Tiew Crescent) with the capacity to produce 10 million fingerlings per year. Swee Chioh Aquaculture has successfully bred 16 different species of foodfish in captivity. This segment of broodstock management activity, together with its extensive cage farming, is carried out at the floating netcage fish culture farms off Pulau Ubin. Swee Chioh works closely with Marine Aquaculture Centre (MAC) of Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority in its R & D efforts on fish spawning and culture techniques of different foodfish species.

Last updated on 13 April 2010
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