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Jurong Fishery Port and Services

AVA operates two fishery ports at Jurong and Senoko. They provide service daily to foreign and local fishing vessels for bunkering, discharging and transshipment of fish. The fishing ports enforce the Wholesome Meat and Fish Act, and its subsidiary legislation and the Fisheries Act and its subsidiary legislation in respect of marketing and fishing harbour activities. The ports also house the wholesale fish markets whereby buyers can buy fish wholesale in bulk. The non-regulatory functions such as maintenance of cleanliness and sanitation of the port and wholesale market have been best sourced to the managing agent DTZ Facilities & Engineering (S) Limited.


For information on Senoko Fishery Port (SFP), please click here.


Jurong Fishery Port (JFP) is situated at the mouth of the Jurong River at the south western part of Singapore. It is located at Fishery Port Road. It has an area of 5.1 hectares and started operations in 1969. JFP is an international port for foreign fishing vessels to land their fish catch. It serves not only as a docking and bunkering base for foreign fishing vessels operating in the Indian and Pacific Ocean, but also as a marketing and distribution centre for fresh fish. JFP operates daily, all year round, except for marketing and distribution activities, which are closed on Monday mornings between 0200 hours and 0600 hours.

For the location map, please click here.



JFP provides facilities, which include a 400 metre long wharf, a wholesale fish market, shops, ice-crusher stalls, canteens and fish merchants' office units. JFP also has a computerised water batching system, which dispenses potable water to fishing vessels berthed at the wharf.


Supply of fish

Fishing vessels and fish reefer boats calling at JFP usually unload their catch between 2300 hrs and 0200 hrs for wholesale through the fish merchants. Other than importation by sea from Indonesia, fish sold at JFP are also brought in by trucks by land from Malaysia and Thailand, and by air from countries like Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar, Taiwan, and Vietnam. In addition, frozen tuna is transshipped through the JFP.


Marketing and wholesale activities

JFP's wholesale fish market is 9,000 sq meters in area and houses 110 market lots. There are about 103 fish merchants licensed by the AVA conducting wholesale fish business at JFP. Up to 3,000 fish retailers, fish processors and institutional buyers come to JFP's wholesale fish market daily to buy fish. Fish are displayed for sale in the market lots and their freshness is maintained by the crushed ice in the fish box. Fish are sold by wholesale in bulk at a negotiated price. An average of 200-250 tonnes of fresh fish is handled each day. Peak hours of sale are from 0200 hrs to 0600 hrs, except on Monday mornings when the market is closed.


Types of fish

More than a hundred species of fish including prawn, crab, lobster and finfish are sold at the JFP. The price of fish fluctuates depending on supply and demand as well as type, size and the freshness of fish. Popular species of fish sold include Sea Bream, Spanish Mackerel, Gold-Banded Scad, Red Snapper, Mackerel, Pomfret, Grouper, Threadfin, Horse Mackerel, shrimp/prawn and squid.


Services and fees

JFP provides service to the port and market users. The description and fees/charges for the port services provided by JFP are:

Services and fees
All persons working at JFP would need to apply for an entry permit, which is renewable annually. Application for Entry Permit to JFP S$14.00 per annum
All foreign persons working at JFP would need to apply for a restricted entry permit, which is renewable annually. Application for Entry Permit (Restricted) to JFP S$14.00 per annum
Local and foreign vessels on arrival at JFP and SFP would need to report arrival and apply for port clearance to enter port. Report of Arrival / Application for Port Clearance JFP:
S$14.00 each (for foreign vessel)
Local and foreign vessels berthing at JFP would need to pay for berthing space on arrival. Application for Berthing Space at JFP JFP:
S$60.00 (for foreign vessel less than 40 meters)
S$140.00 (for foreign vessel 40 meters and above)


If you have further enquiries

Please call JFP directly via 6265 1680 or the AVA Contact Centre via 6805 2992. You may also wish to email us.

Alternatively, please visit our Contact Info page.


Last updated on 16 December 2014
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