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Licensing and Registration of Traders

Traders involved in the following must be licensed by AVA:
  • import/export/transshipment of meat and fish products
  • import/transshipment of fresh fruits and vegetables

Traders involve in the import of processed food (not containing meat and fish products, fresh fruits and vegetables) and food appliances must be registered with AVA.


Before a licence from AVA can be granted or a trader can be registered with AVA, the trader must fulfill the following:
  1. The trader must be a company or business that is registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

  2. All Singapore-registered companies, including newly registered ones, will have a Unique Entity Number ( UEN ) issued by Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).  Newly registered companies will have to register their UEN with Singapore Customs . Please refer to the Singapore Customs' circular dated 19 December 2008 on the Activation of Customs Account. For further enquiries on registration of UEN with Singapore Customs, please call Singapore Customs at Tel: 6355 2000.

  3. All self-employed person renewing Government trade licences must be up- to-date in Medisave contributions. Please note that we will not be able to consider your renewal if your Medisave contributions is not up-to-date.

  4. The trader must also open and maintain a GIRO account with AVA for the payment of the annual licence fee. Fees for AVA permits to import, export or transship food will also be deducted through GIRO. Before the inter-bank GIRO account with AVA is approved, permit applications will only be approved after permit fee payment is made. For a GIRO application form, please click here.

Should you need to change your inter-bank GIRO account with AVA, please re-submit a new GIRO application form. You will need to maintain the existing GIRO account until the new inter-bank GIRO account is approved. Please note that your licence may be suspended if you do not have a GIRO account with AVA.


Application procedures

Fees and payment

Fees payable are as follows:

  • Licence to import, export and transship meat products and fish products is S$84 per annum
  • Licence for import and transshipment of fresh fruits and vegetables is S$378 per annum
The issuance of a licence takes one working day (Normal Service). If the applicant wishes to receive the licence within the same day of application (Express Service), a surcharge equivalent to the licence fee will be imposed.

The payment for the fee for a new licence may be made over-the-counter (NETS/Cashcard/Cheque) or via ePayment (eNETS/eCredit). Payment for licence renewal will be deducted through GIRO.


Registration of traders for import of processed food and food appliances is currently FREE.

The issuance of Registration Number for import of processed food and food appliances takes up to three working days and traders will be notified of their Registration Number by post.


Renewal/termination of licence/registration

The procedure for renewal/termination of licence/registration is as follows:


Renewal notices will be sent to the traders prior to the expiry dates of their licences. Traders can inform AVA through the Online Business Licensing Service (OBLS) if they do not wish to renew their licences or wish to terminate their licences. Otherwise, AVA will renew the licence and deduct the licence fees accordingly via GIRO. For traders without GIRO account with AVA, licence will not be renewed. Please select accordingly: Registration

For the registration to import processed food and food appliances, renewal notice will be sent to the trader prior to the expiry date of their Registration Number . Trader must reply to AVA if they wish to renew their Registration Number. Alternatively, trader may terminate their Registration Number through OBLS.

Change of Particulars

Licensed/registered traders must update AVA of any changes in the particulars of their companies, such as company address and contact numbers, via the OBLS. Please select accordingly:

If you have further enquiries

Please call the AVA Contact Centre via 6325 7625 or email us.

Alternatively, please visit our Contact Info page.

Last updated on 07 November 2014
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