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Registration of Food Storage Warehouse

With effect from 1 November 2011, all warehouses storing food items that are currently not regulated by any government agency are required to be registered by AVA.

A circular had been issued and circulated to the local food processing establishments, the food traders and warehouse operators on 29 September 2011 to notify them on the new requirement. To view the circular, please click here.

AVA had also held few briefing discussions on the 7 & 10 October 2011 respectively to the industry members to explain about the requirement and provide guidance on the registration process.  The presentation slide is available for download here.


Definition of Food Storage Warehouse

A “food storage warehouse” will be defined as any building, facility, structure, or premise, where food is stored for the sale or distribution to other processors, wholesalers or any other business selling or distributing to the ultimate consumer. Warehouse includes coldroom for storage of fruits, vegetables, dairy products but it does not include coldstore used for storage of meat & fish products. For meat & fish storage, a coldstore licence from AVA is required.

A “warehouse operator” will be defined as a person engaged in the business of operating or controlling a food storage warehouse.

Requirements for Registration

Registration of Company

Before an applicant can be registered with AVA, he is required to register with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (or ACRA) under the Business Registration Act (Cap. 32); or in the case of a company, incorporated or registered under the Companies Act (Cap. 50).

Companies that Need to Register

The below illustrates whether an existing food storage warehouse required to be registered with AVA:


Registration with AVA Required

( Yes/ No)

(a) Warehouses that  are situated at AVA licensed food processing establishment


(b) All existing AVA licensed cold stores storing only frozen meat and seafood that are already licensed under the Wholesome Meat and Fish Act


(c) All other cold stores storing  other processed food products and do not hold an AVA food processing establishment licence


(d) Warehouses that are currently under the purview of other government agencies such National Environment Agency and Health Sciences Authority


(e) Importers /traders whom engage  third party/ service warehouses who had already registered their warehouses with AVA


(f) All other food storage warehouses (none of above)  including third party/service warehouses


Registration Application Process

With effect from 3 November 2014, an applicant should submit a duly completed application form for the Registration to operate a food storage warehouse on-line via the AVA e-Licensing Services (FRONTIER) together with the supporting documents such as layout plan, pest control contract and tenancy/purchase agreement/ letter of declaration.

All food storage warehouses are advised to align their practices to AVA’s recommended Good Warehousing Practices (GWP). A copy of GWP in chinese version is also available for download here.

Warehouse Categories

The registration of the food storage warehouse will start with effect from 1 November 2011. A warehouse is categorized into four categories based on the risk of food products.  


Example of Products in this category

(High Risk Products)

Cheese, butter, ice cream and infant/baby food

(Chilled & Frozen Food)

Juices, pastries, desserts, fruits and vegetables and soups.

(Food requiring cool storage environment)

Spices, dried goods, chocolates, chocolate confectionery, sauces, cereals, jams, spreads, coffee beans, tea leaves, shelled eggs, egg products and alcoholic beverages (e.g. beer, wine etc) 


(Food usually stored at ambient temperature)

Instant noodles, snacks, nuts, canned food products, rice, edible fats and oils, food ingredients and bakery products.

Registration Fees

With effect from 3 November 2014, there will be no charges for application for Registration of Food Storage Warehouse.

The complete warehouse application with all relevant supporting documents will be evaluated and processed within 14 working days. The Warehouse Registration Number will be issued and applicant will be notified via email upon successful registration. A copy of the warehouse approval letter can then be retrieved and self-printed by the applicant via the new e-Licensing system.

Inspection of Registered Premises

All registered food storage warehouses would be subjected to regular inspections by AVA. The food storage warehouse operators are advised to align their practices to AVA’s recommended Good Warehousing Practices (GWP). A copy of GWP in chinese version is also available for download here.

During the inspection, the ColdStore/ Warehouse Inspection Checklist will be used to assess the food storage warehouses.

Renewal/ Update/ Termination of Registration

The food storage warehouse Registration Number is renewable on a yearly basis and will be processed automatically at no charges.

A notification email will be sent to applicant two months before the existing Registration Number expires. Upon auto-renewal of the warehouse registration, a copy of the warehouse approval letter bearing the new expiry date will be sent to applicant via the new e-Licensing system.

There is no action required from the applicant unless there are any updates or changes made to your organisation’s profile, relocation of your warehouse operating address or you intend to discontinue the business.

For any update or termination of the warehouse registration, please login to the AVA e-Licensing system (FRONTIER). 


If you have further enquiries

Please call the AVA Contact Centre via 6805 2992 or email us.

Alternatively, please visit our Contact Info page.
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Last updated on 13 December 2014
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