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16 Jun 2001
Supply of Pigs from Pulau Bulan, Indonesia
  1. This morning, 16 Jun 2001, pigs from Pulau Bulan, Indonesia did not arrive at Jurong Jetty, Singapore. We understand that the exporter had encountered some logistic problem in transporting the pigs to Singapore.

  2. About 1,000 pigs are imported daily into Singapore from Pulau Bulan. These pigs are slaughtered at the Buroh Lane Abattoir and are sold as chilled pork

  3. Last year, a total of 318,000 pigs, 28,000 tonnes of frozen pork and 24,000 tonnes of chilled pork were imported into Singapore. Pigs were imported from Pulau Bulan, Indonesia. Australia is a major exporter of chilled pork to Singapore. Denmark, New Zealand and USA also supply chilled pork to Singapore. Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Sweden and USA are approved sources which supply frozen pork to Singapore. Pigs from Pulau Bulan accounts for 30% of our total pork supply.

  4. AVA would like to assure the public that there will not be a shortage of pork. The supply of chilled and frozen pork can replace the sudden shortfall of supply of pigs from Pulau Bulan today.

Issued by AVA
16 Jun 2001

Last updated on 12 May 2010
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