Horticulture Services Centre

The Horticulture Services Centre (HSC) at AVA promotes the development of the horticulture farming industry in Singapore. It provides services to local vegetable and orchid farms.

Services Offered

Advisory for Good Agricultural Practices for Vegetable Farming (GAP-VF) Certification

AVA encourages local vegetable farms to adopt the code of Good Agricultural Practice as a food safety assurance system in vegetable production.

HSC provides advisory services to help vegetable farms achieve the GAP-VF status and certification.

Refer to Good Agricultural Practices for Vegetable Farming (GAP-VF) for more information and application of GAP-VF certification.

Orchid Seed Pod Service

HSC assists the orchid farming industry in the development of their own new varieties of orchids. The Orchid Seed Pod Service germinates orchid seeds for the growers and returns orchid plantlets to them.

You can apply for the Orchid Seed Pod Service and submit your seed pods at the Plant Biotechnology Laboratory.

Service Fees (Subject to GST)
 Orchid Seed Pod
Seed Germination S$14.00 per seedpod
Seedling Production S$10.00 per lot of 50 seedlings

Tissue Culture of Orchids Service

Besides Orchid Seed Pod Service, HSC also provides Tissue Culture Service to assist the orchid farming industry in the development of new orchid varieties. Tissue culture involves the scientific technique of propagating the orchids under controlled environment for commercial purposes.

You can apply for this service and submit the plant at the Plant Biotechnology Lab.

Service Fees (Subject to GST)
 Tissue Culture of Orchids and Ornamental Plants 
Tissue Culture of Plantlets
S$565.00 per 1000 plantlets

Technical Examination of New Plant Varieties for Plant Varieties Protection (PVP)

Under the Plant Varieties Protection (PVP) Act, a plant breeder who discovers and develops a new plant variety may apply to protect his intellectual property (IP) of the new plant variety. If granted, the breeder will be given exclusive breeder rights in relation to the new plant variety.

The PVP is administered by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). To facilitate PVP applications, AVA is one of the technical examining authorities to ascertain whether the candidate plant is indeed of a new variety, through a technical examination for distinction, uniformity, and stability (DUS).

The DUS examination involves the detailed observation of plant parts and characteristics to distinguish the differences between the candidate variety and the common knowledge variety.

Service Fees (Subject to GST)
 Technical Examination
Plant technical examination at AVA premise (on-site)
S$700 per month or part thereof*
Plant technical examination at applicant premise (off-site)
S$600 per month or part thereof*

* To multiply accordingly if crop growing duration is more than a month

Refer to opens in a new window"How to Apply for Plant Protection with IPOS" for more details on the technical examination of new plant varieties submitted for Plant Varieties Protection.

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