Food-Health Products

Before checking the general classification of food products, traders and manufacturers of food-health products need to determine which competent authority regulates their products. Food-health products could fall under the regulation of either:

  • Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA), or
  • Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

The import and sale of food and supplements of food nature are governed by the Sale of Food Act and the Food Regulations under AVA.

Importers must ensure that their products comply with AVA’s regulations and labelling requirements.

Meanwhile, medicinal and other health-related products are regulated under HSA’s regulations. Some products include western medicinal products, Chinese proprietary medicines and cosmetic products.

In general, food-health products are regulated by AVA if they are taken as:

  • part of a daily diet, or
  • supplementation to a diet, with no defined dosage.

The classification of food-health products may depend on various factors, please see Classification Tree for Products in the Food-Health Product Interface for more information and product examples.

Do note that this tree serves only as a guide. Please seek confirmation with the respective Authority on your product’s classification.

General Classification of Food & Food Products

Specific conditions and requirements apply when importing and exporting food and food products.

Food businesses, traders, consumers and travellers are advised to check AVA’s classification below.

Food Group What's Included

Whole carcasses or parts of any animal or bird*. 

These can be chilled, frozen, processed or in canned form.

Some examples of processed meat products include: beef, pizza, bak kwa, rendang.

FishFish Any of the following varieties of marine, brackish water or fresh water:

  • fishes
  • crustacean
  • molluscs
  • marine sponges
  • trepang or marine invertebrates (e.g. sea cucumber)
  • any other form of aquatic life including their young and eggs

These can be live, chilled, frozen, processed or in canned form.

Some examples of processed fish products include: belacan (shrimp paste), rojak sauce, canned tuna.

Excluded: Ornamental varieties of fishes

Fresh Fruits and VegetablesFresh Fruits and Vegetables Raw and unprocessed fruits and vegetables.

Excluded: Fruits and vegetables which have undergone some processing such as cutting, peeling, canning and freezing. These are regulated as processed food.
Fresh EggsFresh Eggs

Table eggs

Processed EggsProcessed Eggs
  • salted and preserved eggs
  • liquid and powdered egg
  • cooked eggs (e.g. hard-boiled eggs and omelette)
Processed FoodProcessed Food
All food products and supplements of food nature that are not grouped as meat products, fish products or fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

Some examples include:
  • mineral water
  • wine
  • infant formula
  • milk and milk products such as cheese, milk powder and yoghurt
  • biscuits
  • cooking oil
  • beverages
  • nuts
Food AppliancesFood Appliances Food ware such as:
  • bowls
  • cups
  • plates
  • pans
  • pots
  • water bottles

Food utensils such as:
  • chopsticks
  • spoons

* Traders who intend to import Live Poultry into Singapore, please refer to the section 'Live Poultry & Livestock' in Import, Export & Transshipment of Other Animals for the relevant import requirements and procedures.

Overseas Establishments wishing to seek approval from AVA to export Live Poultry to Singapore, please refer to the sub-section 'Live Poultry' under the section 'Approval of Imported Food Sources' in Commercial Food Imports for the relevant accreditation requirements and procedures.

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