Dog Licensing e-Services

The one-stop portal, Pet Animal Licensing System (PALS), is for dog owners who wish to apply, renew, update, cancel, print their dog licences, or perform other dog licensing-related activities.

Licensing for Dog Owners

For more information on PALS, please refer to the Step-by-Step Guide for dog owners.

All dogs must be licensed for traceability in the event of a rabies outbreak, as well as to instil responsible pet ownership and discourage pet abandonment. The dog licence is solely for licensing purposes and is not an approval for you to keep the dog.

Each application may take up to 15 minutes to complete.

You will need the following information if you are applying for a new dog licence:

  • The particulars of the licensee including mobile number, email address (for SMS/email notification on renewal of licence), and mailing address
  • The particulars of the dog including address where dog is kept, breed, colour, sex, date of birth, microchip number and sterilisation date (if applicable).

With effect from 1 March 2018, dog owners will be able to apply for and renew their dog's licences for a period of up to three years. This revision will make dog licensing easier and more convenient. Currently, dog owners can only apply for annual licences. Please refer to the FAQs for more information.

Licensing for Dog Farms and Pet Shops

For more information on Group Dog Licensing via PALS, please refer to the FAQs and Step-by-Step Guide for pet businesses.

All dogs that are kept for breeding or sale in dog farms or pet shops have to be licensed under the group breeding or retail licence. You must update your group licence if there are any changes to the licence, owner and/or dog details.

  • Dogs that are imported for breeding or sale have to be added into the group licence prior to the arrival of dogs in Singapore.
  • If the dog has been sold, you will need to transfer the ownership of the dog to the new owner, and ensure that the new owner accepts the transfer to complete the transaction.
For more information
Please refer to the following:

If you have further enquiries on dog licensing

Please call the Animal Response Centre at 1800 476 1600 (24-hours) or opens in a new windowemail us.

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