Licence to possess veterinary biologics

A Licence to Possess Veterinary biologics (Commercial or Research and Development Purposes) is required for possession of (veterinary vaccines; and pathogens on AVA's sopens in a new windowelect list). The annual fee for the Licence to Possess Veterinary Biologics is S$45

It will take about 10 mins to complete the application form

Application for Licence to possess veterinary biologics

For more information and conditions related to the licence, please click opens in a new windowhere.

To download  the application form. Please click opens in a new windowhere.

  1. Download the application form.
  2. Complete the form and submit with required documents to kong_yip_seng@ava.gov.sg

After the application is received, AVA officers will arrange and conduct an inspection visit to the storage/research premises to evaluate its suitability before the Licence can be issued.  The Licence to Possess Veterinary Biologics is issued in accordance with the opens in a new windowConditions for Possession of Biologics for Trade or for Research and Development.  Upon obtaining the Licence to Possess Veterinary Biologics (renewable annually), the applicant may then apply for an import licence to import veterinary biologics.

It takes an estimated 14-21 working days to process an application that is complete and in order.

Import of veterinary biologics

AVA's regulation of the import of veterinary biologics is in 4 stages:-

  1. Registration before import application, namely licensing for possession of veterinary biologics (veterinary vaccines; and pathogens on AVA's opens in a new windowselect list) and registration of new vaccines;
  2. Application for Licence (for every consignment);
  3. Inspection and Sampling (where applicable); and
  4. Audits of licensed premises.
If you have further enquiries

Please call the AVA Contact Centre at 6805 2992.
Alternatively, please visit our opens in a new windowContact Info page.

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