Land Sales Timeline

Tranche Date  Plots and farming type
First Tranche 17 Aug 2017

(Tender closed on 26 Oct 2017)

(Tender awarded on 9 Feb 2018)

12 plots for vegetable farming
Second Tranche 31 Oct 2017

(Tender closed on 9 Jan 2018)

(Tender awarded on 18 Apr 2018)

3 plots for food fish farming
Third Tranche 14 Jun 2018

(Tender closed on 23 Aug 2018)

(Tender awarded on 18 Feb 2019)

3 plots for General Agriculture (Food) farming. Allowable uses are food crop (excluding leafy vegetables and beansprouts), seafood (excluding fin fish), cattle & dairy goat milk (only allowed on LCK 114C and LCK 114D) and frog farming.

2 plots for General Agriculture (Non-Food) farming. Allowable uses are ornamental fish, aquatic plant and bird breeding.

Fourth Tranche 26 Jun 2018

(Tender closed on 4 Sep 2018)

(Tender awarded on 21 Dec 2018)

2 plots for quail egg farming

5 plots for vegetable farming

Subsequent Tranches 2019 onwards# 14 plots for vegetable, beansprouts and General Agriculture (Food) farming

#The detailed sales conditions will be released when the sites are launched for tender

Land Allocation

The new farm land will be tendered using new land tender methods: a fixed price tender method (for vegetable, food fish, beansprouts and quail egg farming) or a concept and price tender method (for General Agriculture farming). Emphasis will be placed on the quality of proposals. This means that farmers will compete based on concepts, with a focus on productivity gains.

The following evaluation criteria will be used to assess the tender proposals:

  • Production capability (30%)
  • Production track record (30%)
  • Relevant experience & qualification (20%)
  • Innovation & sustainability (20%)

For enquiries on land sales, you can email us at or call us at (65) 6805 2987.

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