Agriculture Productivity Fund

AVA has enhanced the Agriculture Productivity Fund (APF) to support local farmers in their efforts to expand production capability, boost yield and raise productivity. The enhanced APF is available from 1 May 2018 to 31 December 2019 for farms with valid AVA farm licence.

Basic Capability Upgrading (BCU) Scheme

The BCU scheme supports the purchase of equipment that would help increase farm’s productivity such as increase in production, manpower savings and resource savings.

Productivity Enhancement (PE) Scheme

The PE scheme supports the adoption of automated, advanced and integrated farming systems.

Productivity Enhancement (Standard)

The PES scheme supports farming systems that would help productive farms achieve quantum leap in productivity through capability upgrading, increased production capacity and land intensification.

Productivity Enhancement (Test-bedding)

The PET scheme encourages farms to develop, test and demonstrate feasibility of new farming technologies/ systems that are customised and optimised to Singapore’s conditions or for farm’s own needs.

Research & Development Open Call

The R&D scheme supports R&D to develop intensive and innovative farming technologies or systems. Projects apply to Category 1 farms only (hen egg, quail egg, leafy vegetable, beansprout and food fish).

R&D is on a grant call basis, where an R&D topic/ theme will be announced for each grant call. Currently, there is no grant call available for application.

Cash Advancement

To help our farms ease cash flow, all APF projects with approved funding of $30,000 and above may be eligible for up to 30% cash advancement.

For enquiries on the APF, you can email You can also contact Mr Alan Ong or Mrs Wu-Mok Yin Fong at (65) 6805 2773 or (65) 6805 2769.

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