Responsibilities of Food Establishment Operators

All operators of food establishments are responsible to uphold the hygiene and cleanliness of food products that are manufactured in the establishment. They are also required to ensure that the food products adhere to the Sale of Food Act and its Food Regulations.

The food products are also required to be sent to accredited laboratories in Singapore on a regular basis for laboratory tests. You may access the list of accredited laboratories from here.

Submission of Data

All licensed coldstore, pig and poultry slaughterhouses must submit these statistics to AVA:

  • Statistics Submission Monthly Production of Establishment (cold store)
  • Statistics Submission Pig (Slaughter)
  • Statistics Submission Pig (Temperature of Pig Carcasses)
  • Statistics Submission Pig(Daily Admission)
  • Statistics Submission Poultry (Condemnation)
  • Statistics Submission Poultry (Daily Admission)

Change of Layout, Trade Activities & Establishment Particulars

You must update AVA of any changes in the particulars of your company (company address, contact numbers) through the LicenceOne (AVA e-Licensing) Website. Please note that you will need to log in to the LicenceOne (AVA e-Licensing) website and locate the specific licensing service you want to update.

For any changes to the existing layout or additional trade activities to be carried out in the premises, approval is required to be obtained prior to commencement of any renovation works. The following documents have to be submitted via LicenceOne (AVA e-Licensing) Website:

A) Change in layout of premises: 

  1. Existing layout 
  2. Proposed layout

B) Additional Trade / New Products with change in existing process flow / layout:

  1. Proposed  layout
  2. Process flows of all existing & new products
  3. Particulars of products including existing & new products

Our officers will evaluate the proposal and contact you for a discussion. Approval will be  given for you to start the renovation/construction works. Upon completion of the renovation/construction works, you are required to contact our officers to arrange for a site inspection.

Reefer Containers and other Food Storage Facilities

AVA can consider the application for temporary usage of reefer containers to address the urgent storage constraints of AVA-licensed food establishments during festive seasons or renovation of the coldrooms within their premises.

Prior to the use of reefer containers, the licensees have to send their applications to AVA for evaluation. A circular was sent to all licensees of AVA-licensed establishments in July 2014. 

The licensees are required to submit the following information to AVA for evaluation: 

  1. Reason for the application of use of reefer containers
  2. Layout plan indicating the location of the reefer containers
  3. Types of food products that will be stored in the reefer containers
  4. Proposed duration of use of reefer containers

AVA would evaluate the application and conduct on-site assessment before granting approval to use the reefer containers.

AVA’s Requirements:

  1. The reefer containers should be located at the loading bay of their premises or as near to the food establishment as possible. 
  2. The reefer containers must be well maintained in clean and pest-free condition.
  3. Temperature monitoring records and calibration of the temperature monitoring device must be properly documented;
  4. Only authorised personnel will have access to the reefer containers and the movement of food products, in and out of the containers, has to be monitored and documented;
  5. Appropriate measures must be taken to protect the food from contamination and break in cold chain.
  6. Approvals from the relevant authorities, such as NEA and SCDF, for the usage of the reefer containers must be obtained.

Renewal and Cancellation of Food Licence

All AVA’s food establishment licences and warehouse registration are renewable on a yearly basis.

Licensees and warehouse operators will receive an email notification for licence renewal two months before the expiry date of their licences. Our officers will carry out a site inspection for the renewal of the licence before the expiry date. Upon successful renewal of licence, a copy of the licence and warehouse registration bearing the new expiry date will be available for printing online via the LicenceOne (AVA e-Licensing) website.

There is no action required  unless there are any updates or changes made to your organisation’s profile, relocation of your business operating address or you intend to discontinue the business.

For any update or termination of the licence or warehouse registration, please login to the LicenceOne (AVA e-Licensing) website.

Fees for Renewal of Licence

Currently, the food storage warehouse registration renewal will be processed at no charges. For other licences, we encourage payment for the annual licence fee to be made through InterBank GIRO. Non-GIRO users can also pay via e-payment at the LicenceOne (AVA e-Licensing) Website.

Please refer to the fees & charges for the licence fee for renewal.

Type of annual licence Renewal Fee
Licence to operate a cold store for storage of meat & seafood products S$260
Licence to operate a food processing establishment:
- Meat & Fish processing establishment
- Other processed food establishment
a) Below 200 m2
b) 200 to 750 m2
c) Above 750 m2


S$180 (S)
S$360 (M)
S$600 (L) 
Licence to operate a meat or fish processing establishment where meat or fish products in containers are hermetically sealed and thereafter preserved by subjection to heat treatment S$840
Licence to operate a slaughter-house for poultry
Licence to operate a slaughter-house for livestock S$1575
Registration food storage warehouse S$0
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