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Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM)

Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for National Development, officially launched the nationwide five-year Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM) programme on 10 Nov 18. The rolling out of the TNRM programme, which was a collaboration between AVA, Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs) and veterinarians, was previously announced on 21 Dec 17.

TNRM is a humane and science based approach to manage stray dog population. Dogs caught under the programme will be sterilised, and the priority is to rehome them. Those that cannot be rehomed will be released at suitable locations to live out their lives naturally.

The target for the programme is to sterilize more than 70% of the stray dogs in Singapore within 5 years. The entire Singapore island will be divided into four clusters (North, South, East and West) for the implementation of TNRM programme in phases. AVA will provide more support for our AWGs' exisiting TNRM initiatives, such as the costs for pre and post-surgical boarding, vaccination and sterilisation of TNRM dogs.

AVA has been partnering its stakeholders as well as interested individuals and organisations to educate the public on encounter with stray dogs. Members of the public can also do a part to educate those within their circle of influence on TNRM. Pet owners can do their part by microchipping and licensing their pet dogs to ensure traceability.

Both AVA and NParks have supported the AWGs to publish the Handbook on Feeding Stray Dogs Responsibly. Feeders play an important role in TNRM. They help to identify and bring in dogs for trapping, and subsequently manage sterilised dogs that are released back into the environment. It is hoped that the handbook promotes awareness on responsible stray dogs feeding, which reduces public health concerns to bring forth a better environment for the peaceful coexistence of human and animals.

The TNRM programme welcome any members of the public who are interested to volunteer to write in to


TNRM Infographic 

Handbook on feeding stray dogs responsibly

What can you do when you encounter stray dogs poster

What can you do when you encounter stray dogs brochure

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