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General Information

All animal exhibitions and animal performances should have a valid licence from AVA before the event or show is staged.

Animal exhibitions may be permanent animal exhibitions or temporary animal exhibitions.

A permanent animal exhibition is the exhibition of animals in a place for a period of time long enough to require approval by the Urban Redevelopment Authority or Housing & Development Board. Some examples are zoos, marine parks and oceanariums. Permanent animal exhibition licences must be renewed annually.

A temporary animal exhibition is a temporary event  where animals are displayed, and may include animal performances featuring animals, such as dogs and horses.

Starting an Animal Exhibition

Types of Animals Allowed in Animal Exhibitions

Animal exhibitions should not include animals listed on the CITES appendices unless approval is given by AVA.

Wild animal performances can only be staged when a permanent animal exhibition licence has been granted.

General Responsibilities of Animal Exhibitors

The animal exhibitor or licensee must comply with AVA's Conditions of Licensing for Animal Exhibitions. The conditions are meant to safeguard animal welfare and ensure that all animal exhibitions are professionally staged.   

Some of the responsibilities of animal exhibitors include:

  • Ensuring the animals are healthy and in good condition;
  • Ensuring that the animals are exhibited in good living conditions that are clean and comfortable;
  • Ensuring that the animals are managed properly, given enough rest and not subjected to stress.

Please see the guides on Permanent Animal Exhibitions and Animal Performances for more details.

Applying for Animal Exhibition Licence

You can apply for the Animal Exhibition Licence online through the LicenceOne (AVA e-Licensing) Website. Please note that you will have to locate the "Licence for Animal Exhibition" and log in to the LicenceOne (AVA e-Licensing) website.

Submit documents from relevant authorities
The following documents must be submitted to AVA:
  1. Approval letter from landlord / management of exhibition venue
  2. Letter of no objection from appropriate National Environment Agency (NEA) Environmental Health District Office
    Tel: 1800-2255-632
    HDB (Commercial Properties Department)
  3. For permanent exhibitions, written approval from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) or the Housing & Development Board (HDB) is also required.

    • URA (Development Control Division)
      Tel: (65) 62216666
    • HDB (Commercial Properties Department)
      Tel: 1800 8663073
Provide exhibition plan and information
The exhibition plan must include the following:
  1. Names and particulars of all exhibitors
  2. Layout plan of the exhibition venue (showing animal display and holding areas)
  3. Design and construction plans of the animal enclosures or cages / tanks
  4. Plan for the management and care of the animals and the number of personnel involved
  5. Programme of exhibition activities such as talks, demonstrations, animal performances, competitions, games
  6. Import licence and CITES permit from AVA's Animal, Meat & Seafood Regulatory Branch or Wildlife Regulatory Branch if applicable.
AVA inspection / processing procedure
The licence application will be approved within 4 working days after completion of the following:
  1. All supporting documents listed in 'Step 1' and 'Step 2' have been submitted via LicenceOne;
  2. Successful passing of interview (if applicable);
  3. Inspection of premises; and
  4. Payment of licence fee.
Acceptance of application and payment of fees
  1. The applicant must sign and complete the following:
    1. "Letter of Undertaking" ensuring AVA that they will comply with the exhibition conditions; and
    2. "Acknowledgement by Exhibitor" (Please see note below).
  2. Pay the licence fee of S$126 through GIRO

Notes to applicant:

  • A non-refundable application fee of S$90 (+ GST S$4.50) is payable for permanent exhibitions and exhibitions that last longer than 14 days.
  • Acceptance of application does not guarantee final approval.
  • If an exhibition involves many exhibitors, the applicant will be provided with letters of "Instruction to the Exhibitors". Each exhibitor is required to acknowledge receipt of the letter on the single form "Acknowledgement by Exhibitor" which is to be submitted by the applicant before the licence will be issued.
  • Animals should not be exhibited until the licence is issued.

Licence Fees

Exhibition licence fee: S$126 / annum

Application fee*: S$94.50

* The application fee is a one-time, non-refundable fee that is payable for all animal exhibitions that last more than 14 days. The fee also includes updates to permanent exhibition licences requested by the licensee.

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