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Open Grant Call – Management of Wildlife Encounters

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The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) invites interested applicants to submit proposals for the provision of services to manage wildlife related feedback in Singapore for the period of One Year.

As the first responder for animal related issues, AVA receives wildlife related feedback from entities such as members of public, Town Councils and estate managements in Singapore. A Whole-of-Government approach is taken and AVA is the lead agency to address and manage such feedback.

AVA adopts a holistic approach towards the management of wildlife related issues. It recognises that education and creating awareness amongst the general public is crucial in managing human-wildlife conflict in Singapore, and help to foster co-existence between humans and wildlife. This involves collaboration with various government and non-government stakeholders, and engaging the community to increase awareness on wildlife issues.

The purpose for the provision of these services is to reduce human-wildlife conflict through educating members of public on the wildlife in Singapore, and appropriate ways to react when wildlife is encountered, especially in an urban setting. There may also be a need to engage the relevant stakeholders through sustained outreach efforts and employ deterrence measures (E.g. monkey guarding) to mitigate complex wildlife issues. Additionally, the service provider will be required to work with AVA to develop long term solutions towards mitigating human-wildlife conflict.

Interested applicants may refer to the full details of this Open Grant Call for more information.

Should you be interested to apply, please complete the Application Form and send it to us by 4 July 2018.

We regret that we will not be accepting any applications after this date.

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