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Penalty for Illegal Trading of Wildlife

The Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act Cap 92A [ESA] enforces CITES in Singapore.

The legislation in Singapore ensures the implementation and enforcement of the Convention in Singapore. You need a permit from AVA to import, export, re-export a scheduled species.

It is an offence to import or export any endangered species without this permit. It is also an offence to possess, sell, offer for sale or display to the public any endangered species.

AVA enforcement officers can enter and search and enter any premises without warrant to seize any illegal wildlife. They can also investigate CITES species in transit through Singapore.

An individual or company that violates the law can be:

  • fined up to S$50,000 for each animal or plant (not exceeding S$500,000 in total)
  • imprisoned for a term of 2 years

In addition to the ESA, AVA also administers these legislations to protect or regulate trade in live animals, native fauna and plants:


Penalty for the Poaching of Wild Animals & Birds

AVA enforces the Wild Animals and Birds Act, which makes it illegal to poach wildlife.

It is an offence to kill, take or keep any wild animal or bird without a licence, other than those specified in the Schedule such as mynas, pigeons and crows. Any person found doing so will be fined a maximum of S$1,000 and the animal will be seized.

If you see any suspected poaching activities, call AVA at (65) 6805 2992 and provide this information:

  • Type of animals poached
  • Location of the animal poaching activity
  • Frequency of poaching
  • Description of accompanying vehicles used for the activity (model, colour, licence number)
  • Other useful information (photographs, equipment used for poaching, poachers description)
  • Your contact details

All information provided to AVA shall be kept strictly confidential.

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