Netting Greater Support

Singapore’s fish production caters to eight percent of our total fish consumption - a small fraction compared to the approximately 54,000 tonnes imported annually from 46 countries. Nevertheless, local production is crucial, as it helps to bolster the resilience of our food supply, especially in times of sudden disruptions from overseas.

This is why AVA has been helping our fish farmers improve their yields. To date, more than $8 million of the Food Fund has been committed to fish farmers to upgrade their farm capabilities and conduct research and development (R&D) projects.

Besides providing funding assistance, AVA also provides basic infrastructure and technical assistance to help the industry raise and sustain productivity. We conduct R&D on fish farming techniques and fast-growing species. Where applicable, these findings are shared with our farmers. In addition, we support them by educating consumers on the quality of local produce and encourage them to choose local produce.

Here are the major initiatives that AVA has rolled out in the past year to cast a tighter net of support for our fish farmers.