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At the microbiology laboratory, industry members learned about the variety of food tested as part of AVA’s food import, export,
and surveillance programmes.

AVA Celebrates World
Health Day

In line with the World Health Day’s theme of food safety,
AVA engaged the industry through a series of related activities.

Safe food is a basic necessity in life. With globalisation, food, along with its potential health risks, has become borderless. In Singapore where most of our food is imported, this is especially poignant.

As the guardian of food safety for the nation, AVA has an integrated and robust programme in place to ensure the well-being of Singapore. High food standards are set and maintained from farm to fork. Besides efforts from the government, the industry and public also have a shared responsibility in keeping food safe.

In celebration of World Health Day on 7 April 2015, AVA organised a roadshow, learning journey, and two technical seminars related to the topic of food safety. Through these, we aim to engage our industry stakeholders on their roles in ensuring safe and wholesome food for all.

To commemorate World Health Day, a food safety roadshow was held on 7 April at the Woodlands Industrial Estate. Through informative displays set up on-site and the AVA Food Safety Bus, we raised the industry's awareness on food hygiene and safety standards to observe.

An AVA officer (left) highlights to staff from the food industry the importance of using colour-coded cleaning tools. Using separate cleaning tools for food processing and sanitation equipment, for example, can help to prevent cross contamination of food at different production stages.

The AVA Food Safety Bus is deployed to complement the roadshow.

Staff from the food industry complete a simple quiz that reinforces the key learning points from the roadshow.

Within the Food Safety Bus: Useful tips such as keeping milk chilled at the right temperature and putting frozen food below the load-line, are available.

Up-to-date and efficient laboratory testing capabilities are the cornerstone of AVA’s food safety programme. At Veterinary Public Health Laboratories (VPHL), we conduct more than 1.7 million tests on food samples annually. We invited food manufacturers and importers to tour our laboratories for food quality and authentication; microbiology; and contaminants, where they gained insights on how the food they manufacture or import are tested for safety.

Food manufacturers including Mr Thomas Pek, President of Singapore Food Manufacturers’
Association (front row, 7th from left), together with members from the retail sector, poultry
farm, and tertiary institutions, toured 3 laboratories at VPHL.

Technical seminars provide a mutually beneficial platform for engagement between AVA and the industry. While AVA shares expertise on best practices, participants also have an opportunity to seek technical advice on related farming techniques. Two seminars were held on World Health Day to raise our farmers’ awareness on the safe use of pesticide in vegetable growing, as well as animal health in poultry layer farms.

Informative posters showing the safe use of pesticide are given out to participants. Available
in English and Chinese, these posters list the dos and don’ts in a concise and easily
understood manner for easy and quick reference.

Dr Wu Yuan Sheng's (Deputy Director, Pesticide Residues Section, AVA) talk touched on
the laboratory testing for pesticide residues in vegetables.
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