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Minister of State for Trade and Industry and Mayor of the North East District Teo Ser Luck launches the Pet Expo on 20 March 2015.

AVA & Animal Welfare
Groups Join Hands in Pet
Adoption Drives

Together, we encourage future pet owners to consider adoption
as the first option.

Our society’s awareness and concern for animal welfare issues has been increasing. Correspondingly, collaboration between the government and animal welfare groups has grown closer.

Over the years, AVA has been actively promoting responsible pet ownership (RPO) through its public outreach programme, with heavy involvement from various animal welfare groups. On their own, animal welfare groups have also been holding adoption drives to help shelter animals find responsible owners.

A Singapore Book of Records was set for the "Largest Gathering of People with Cat Faces" during
the "i Adopt... Love" adoption event on 31 January 2015.

Mr Desmond Lee interacting with representatives from animal welfare groups at the
"i Adopt... Love" event.

This year, AVA is putting in greater effort to partner animal welfare groups for the same cause. Together, we focus on encouraging future pet owners to consider adoption as the first option. By combining our resources, we hope to reach a greater pool of adopters.

i Adopt... Love

The theme for AVA’s pet adoption campaign for 2015 is “i Adopt... Love”. The inaugural “i Adopt… Love” adoption event was launched by Minister of State (MOS) for National Development Mr Desmond Lee on 31 January 2015 at Big Splash (East Coast Parkway). With the participation of 10 animal welfare groups, about 100 animals were collectively put up for adoption and more than 20 found new homes.

Together with the Cat Welfare Society, our main event partner, we also set a Singapore Book of Records for the “Largest Gathering of People with Cat Faces”. A total of 124 sporting visitors came with faces painted as cats. Many of them even dressed up in cat suits. Altogether, the event attracted more than 4,500 visitors.

A match made at Pet Expo: About 170 potential pet owners signed up for the
"Speed Dating" session.

To help the animals for adoption appear extra smart, they even donned on specially-designed bandanas
with the "i Adopt... Love" logo.

Cats from Cats Welfare Society and
Society for The Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals up for adoption
at Pet Expo 2015.

It’s About Love

We believe pets are for life and getting a pet warrants careful consideration. And with the strong element of love in our campaign’s theme (“i Adopt… Love”), we sought to provide a conducive platform for adopters and animals to “fall in love”.

During the Pet Expo on 20-22 March 2015, AVA brought to life the “speed-dating” concept between adopters and animals. By signing up online prior to the event, each potential pet owner enjoyed a 10-minute “date” with three dogs. Compared to past events where animals were housed in pens and cages, this “date” allowed animals to interact with their potential owners in a more intimate manner. The “speed-dating” area was set up like a park, where both parties could move around together in the space provided.

About 170 people signed up for the session with over 90 dogs from seven animal welfare groups. To help animal welfare groups assess these potential pet owners’ suitability, an adoption questionnaire had to be completed during sign-up.

AVA’s final “i Adopt… Love” event for the year will take place in October 2015, during the school holidays.

A vet from AVA conducts a health check on one of the dogs for adoption at the Pet Expo.