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An AVA Scientist demonstrating the use of Modified Atmosphere Packaging method for meat to seminar participants.

Speed, Automation,
Convenience: The Way Forward
for the Meat Industry

Experts from Brazil and Denmark share their insights on the latest
meat processing technology and quality assurance.

AVA provides expert assistance to the post-harvest industry, with aims to upgrade the sector’s competency. The areas we cover include product development, post-harvest handling techniques, cold chain management, food quality assessment and preservation, and food safety management.

In a seminar organised by AVA on 25-27 November 2014, AVA invited five experts from Denmark and Brazil to share insights on meat processing technology and quality assurance. Besides delivering a full-day lecture, the experts also visited local processing plants and retail outlets to provide technical advisory.

The seminar, attended by 85 participants from 41 meat companies, received positive response. Said one of the participants, Mr Victor Cher (Senior Manager, Operations) of OJJ Foods Pte Ltd, processor and distributor of pork products: “The topics covered were important and relevant to our business. Furthermore, the speakers were experts in their respective fields and were able to share their vast experiences with us. Overall, it was informative and enriching. Personally, I enjoyed the whole seminar thoroughly. AVA’s Post-harvest Technology Department ought to be congratulated for a well-organised seminar and I hope there will be more down the road.”

One of the experts answering questions from industry participants.